Celebrity chef backs diabetes campaign in Cornwall

Celebrity chef backs diabetes campaign in Cornwall

A famous chef is getting behind a new NHS project which is helping people in Cornwall better manage their diabetes. 

Rick Stein has announced that he will be supporting the Healthier Me Club to help “inspire and motivate others on the mission to greater health.”

Created by Dr Janine Riley, from the Three Harbours and Bosvena Health surgeries, the eight-week campaign supports groups of people looking to better manage their diabetes and mental health.

Individuals who are referred to the project receive one-to-one support from a variety of healthcare professionals to help them manage their wellbeing, complete more physical activities and follow a balanced diet.

Additionally, peer support will be available on a private Facebook group solely for the participants on the programme.

Rick Stein’s Cookery School will be offering its support to the campaign by sending nutritious recipes and step-by-step instruction videos to the group throughout the project.

At the end of the programme, all of the participants will be invited to make the final dish during a live cook-along with Nick Evans, Head Chef Lecturer at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.

Celebrity chef Rick Stein said: “The thing that interests me is a lot of us often forget that we are what we eat.

“The healthier we eat, the healthier we are, physically and mentally, so I really do support this local project.”

Founder of the Healthier Me Club, Dr Janine Riley said: “This project is very different to our historic model of management plans.

“It aims to engage our patients with a personalised program. We are creating a patient-led group that really supports and motivates its members.”

Jeremy Holder, who is currently taking part in the programme, said: “I need to be healthier for my diabetes. I know how to, but I’ve lost hope and motivation, especially during the past two years.

“I want this to help me back to my old healthier habits. I’m a good cook, I enjoy cooking, and I used to cycle. The central hub on Facebook will, I hope, make it easier to sustain change.”

During the programme, participants will have access to a clinical pharmacist, mental health advisor, diabetes nurse, social prescriber and health and wellbeing coach.

In addition, community support groups and funded membership cards for Bodmin Leisure Centre will be available for the group.

Dr Riley said: “This is an example of population health management in action. Put simply, that means using detailed data analysis to identify groups of people with a shared set of criteria.

“It allows for a very targeted and tailored approach to healthcare, one that reflects both the current and future needs of those groups identified. This exciting new approach to healthcare brings a broader, far more proactive approach than the traditional route of waiting for an individual to raise their own health issue or concern.”

She added: “It is a notable contrast. The idea that people’s conditions are often over medicalised and that prevention or interventions like the Healthier Me Club can improve health outcomes without the need for medical treatments. We seized the opportunity to create and deliver this project.

“It enables us to act on our passion for improving the physical and psychological health of our practice populations. Best of all, instead of telling people to do this or take that, we are empowering them to make healthier choices for themselves, their family and friends. Then together, we will inspire and motivate others on the mission to greater health, happiness and wellbeing.”

Photo by: Kung_Mangkorn

Author: Eileen Gilbert