Diabetes technology under the spotlight in inpatient podcast

Diabetes technology under the spotlight in inpatient podcast

A leading Diabetes Nurse Consultant discussed how diabetes technology is “moving on leaps and bounds” in the third episode of The Inpatient Podcast.

During the episode, Debbie Hicks, who is also a Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes, opened up about her life with type 1 diabetes and shared how she ventured into the world of diabetes.

From her diagnosis in the early 1970s when she had to reuse and sharpen her own glass syringe to weighing out her carbohydrates, Debbie explored how diabetes care has evolved.

According to Debbie, the greatest diabetes technology improvements include retinal screening, laser therapy to prevent blindness, pump technology, and continuous glucose monitoring.

She said: “they make life slightly easier living with type 1 diabetes,” and the future is “looking rosy” for people with the condition.

Throughout the podcast, Debbie also spoke about her 32-year-long career in diabetes care and her current role, saying: “It gives me a lot of job satisfaction.”

Being the co-chair of Trend Diabetes, Debbie helps develop a huge portfolio of leaflets, documents, and e-learning programmes. The well-known and well-respected company now has more than 16,000 members and is “going from strength to strength”.

The Diabetes Nurse Consultant also shared what changes she believes should be made in hospitals regarding diabetes inpatient care, and the exciting projects she has in the pipeline for the future.

Listen to this episode of ‘The Inpatient Podcast’ here.

Author: Eileen Gilbert