NovoRapid back in stock after shortage

NovoRapid back in stock after shortage

Supplies of NovoRapid are back in stock after an unforeseen delivery delay caused a shortage across the UK.

The issue was raised on social media, but manufacturers Novo Nordisk has moved to ensure a “continuous supply”.

A statement from Novo said: “Novo Nordisk UK is aware that there was a temporary stock shortage of its medicine NovoRapid® (insulin aspart) Penfill® for people living with diabetes in the UK.

“The shortage was due to an unforeseen delay in delivery of this medicine. However, now, stock of the medicine has arrived in the UK and the medicine is in supply.

“Ensuring a continuous supply that meets the needs of patients and the NHS is of utmost importance for Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk remains committed to ensuring people with diabetes receive the treatment they need.”

On social media, one user wrote: “My pharmacy has been having trouble supplying my NovoRapid, but I collected the back log they owed me yesterday so hopefully it’s been resolved.”

Meanwhile another stated: “Just had an email from a Novo Nordisk rep to let me know NovoRapid penfill is back in stock, but it might take a few days for supplies to filter through to pharmacies.”

Novo Nordisk has also said that there is defect affecting specific batches of NovoRapid FlexTouch prefilled pen device and batches of Saxenda FlexTouch prefilled pen device in the UK.

A very small number of pens are affected. The average number of affected products is two to three pens per million pens. Based on the critical need for the products, they are not being recalled.

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Author: Eileen Gilbert